Anu Catering and Events

Grilled, Smoked and Barbecued

My family is so large that it's impractical to try and visit one another; therefore, we do numerous cookouts during the year as a way of seeing, being with and sharing with each other. However, I rarely get the opportunity to grab a plate and sit around chatting as most of my folks do; instead I am often recruited to be on the grill days and weeks ahead of the event - unless I'm not going to attend I can't say "no"!

I became a 'grill-master' from years of experience watching my elders cook and being given the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. Now I can cook anything I want to on the grill with no doubt that it's going to be delicious and outstanding - beef, pork, chicken, fish and other seafood's, vegetables and other foods are brought to life from my experience and skill in grilling techniques and food preparation. There is nothing like preparing food on the spot, have it disappear from the plates of guest, and to have them reward you with their compliments throughout the event, while requesting your grilling expertise for their upcoming event.

Also I should mention that two of my brothers are 'grill-masters' and together we offer the best in service for large or small group cooking. Whether barbecued, smoked, slow roasted or all combined, our grilling service is sure to have you and your guest licking your lips and fingers and leaving nothing but the bones.