Anu Catering and Events

Heru-Ka Anu - the Chef

I started assisting my mother in the kitchen at six years of age, and began cooking at the age of eight. In my mothers home I prepared dinners for my parents and siblings, a family of eight, on more occasions than I could count. In my own home I immersed myself into explorations of foods from around the world learning the ingredients, flavors and preparation techniques. Since I delved into the art of cooking most of my dishes have been gourmet or near-gourmet, and, to this day I can only envision creating meals full of flavor.

If there is one thing I do extremely well in comparison to the many things I do, cooking gourmet has to be my greatest gift. My family is noted for cooking, and I am considered the leading chef. Every time I voice the least bit of doubt my wife says: "Heru, everyone who has ever tasted your cooking wants more, and would be happy to pay you to cook for them if you asked them to…Your food is the 'bomb' and everybody says so." She eats my cooking everyday, so I've learned to heed her advice, that's why I'm now offering my cooking to you.

Do know that we take pride in every aspect of our business and we cook for you as though we are cooking for royalty and family.