Anu Catering and Events

Contact Us

Contact us by phone or in writing: Phone: 443-453-3010 / Email:
Writing us with your questions and with details helps the process. You are welcomed to send us photographs of the location and settings you have in mind as well.

Remember you can have Anu Catering create the entire menu, or you can create the entire menu, or we create a menu together.

    Our process from beginning to completion of service
  1. Hearing from you either by phone or in writing
  2. Responding to you by phone or in writing
  3. Using either of the above communication methods to sketch an outline of what is desired
  4. Agreeing on a draft
  5. Having our initial meeting to make refinements and draw up agreements - it's helpful to meet at the event site
  6. Have follow-up meeting if necessary
  7. Cater the event on the day in question
  8. Finalize any areas of service either in-person, by phone or by email

We offer service within a fifty mile radius of Baltimore, Maryland.