Anu Catering and Events

A La Carte

Nothing says "have it your own way" like A La Carte! Select from any of the menus we offer; pick a dish from here and one from there and so on; combine Soul Food and Seafood, or Vegetarian and Seafood, or Soul food and Grilled for a unique experience; or go for an out of the ordinary creation. We would appreciate the opportunity to satisfy your culinary desires.

Have foods prepared to suit the diversity of your guests - cuisine for those who like it spicy and those who don't, those who like it 'hot!', and those who don't, those who like it mellow, and for those who like it traditional. We'll work to create the festival of food that your guests will rave about each time they speak your name.

For the ultimate food experience, allow us to cook to order from selected menus, thereby allowing you and your guests to decide based upon their desires and whims in the moment. Whether meat, vegetable or grain dishes we'll present dishes you and your guests will savor. This approach is especially suited for small parties of thirty guests or less.