Anu Catering and Events

Vegetarian Cuisine

Preparing vegetables is akin to playing with colors; here I get to do all sorts of things to not only explore and bring out the richness that vegetables, legumes and grains have, but also to present them in a rich display of colors. We don't particularly imitate the taste or texture of meat as much as we seek to present vegetarian cuisine on its own merits of complexity and flavor. We offer both cooked and raw-foods delights. In fact we offer an entire Raw Foods Menu.

For those who want a delicious array of nutritious foods we prepare everything from vegetable casseroles, to vegetable stir-fry, and quiche (non-dairy); we also offer loafs from various grains including rice and beans. We feature bean and rice dishes from around the world - bean medleys, bean loafs, stews, and soups. For the tofu lover we prepare an excellent variety of dishes including our own Tofu-TVP loaf, as well as Tofu-Salads and Barbecued Tofu.

We can present you with an assortment of dishes from our own menu or create one from scratch. Tell us your culinary desire and we will fulfill it.