Anu Catering and Events

About the Cuisine

Soul Food, Seafood, Grilling, Vegetarian and A La Carte

Anu Catering cuisine is Pan-African with ethnic - Asian, Hispanic and European - influences. It recreates authentic dishes from all time periods and regional areas of the African world experience. It also creates African-Centered cuisine influenced by ingredients, preparation and presentation techniques. Anu cuisine is eclectic and then there are times when our cooking has no real reference beyond our own imaginations.

Like a journey that an appetite for wonderful food is, there is always a search for new flavors and taste so sometimes it's challenging to prepare a dish the same way. If so, it's because it would be tough to improve upon.

Anu Catering - caters parties, ceremonies, celebrations, meetings, work-site events, and business events, from one to one hundred at any location - indoor and out.

We offer fresh seafood, poultry, meat and vegetarian dishes - soups, salads, entrees and desserts - prepared to your palate's delight. We use organic, non-allergenic, and hormone free ingredients when available and requested.

Anu Catering and Events provides service to Maryland (including Baltimore City), Washington DC,
Delaware, and Virginia.